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Love & Freak Press is publishing one-of-a-kind chapbooks based on the poems of this blog. The book will come with 12 poems and collage illustrations, a personalized “acknowledgements” page, and front/back cover. All books are hand-bound and 100% hand made, proceeds from the books will benefit trans/genderqueer poetry and book art. see examples of the … Continue reading

Jason Merchant + You

there’s rain and rain and rain and you–I have elfin written all over me and the tide is culling toward one of the cars underwater–remember when we were wherever–she said & the dew rot was glistening

from elloise to jackolyne: responding 2 internet

your hair tastes like disfigured dawn(s), haunting and wanting and wane__lets move in together and I love you


he’s angry and white, she said, hoping to leave


he’s got eleven itches, none of them are me

C O N T E N T ed

Dear Readers, For the past few weeks I’ve been experimenting with varied formatting choices and focuses of “Them Freak”. And happily, the original formatting/purpose has won out. So, despite recent changes…we’re back! As a compromise, I’ve created a more vagarious site to satisfy whatever it was that I was looking for http://emersonwhitney.tumblr.com/. Please continue to … Continue reading

Mx. Sargent Immaculate

I trace my body out in beetles & I am the blue belly of your bird pour your spotlights out on me

Frank @ Rocco’s

Quietly being, what about me is this? All my toes are zithers and smell. This little town has nothing.

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PUBLISHED // THEM FREAK series of handmade chapbooks is now readable online in full @ http://issuu.com/emersonloves Thanks for all your support! Emerson

The Ocean The Ocean The Ocean

My home is where my collar is, And you