them freak

“Them Freak” is an ongoing poetry project by Love & Freak Press, a trans/genderqueer poetry collective.

The  intention is to “freak-write” or encourage readers to judge, identify, and label for themselves the characters and the implications of the writing. Syntax and language help to exemplify the concept of “labeling.” The abstract nature of poetry itself helps achieve this means:

“In this way, we want these poems to act as snippets: similar to the still-frame photographs of freak show participants that were popular throughout early nineteenth century. We are presenting an image, the audience can fill in the rest of the story for themselves.”

read Them Freak chapbooks here

3 Responses to “them freak”
  1. P Maddox Crowe says:

    holy smokes! emerson, I like your writing a lot!!

  2. Nic says:

    WOW. This is such a unique idea!! The posts I have read so far have really captivated the stereotype, each one has a clear voice that gives words to these characters.
    Please Keep writing!!!

  3. TroblMkr says:

    Your writing style is pretty impressive. I believe that being a “freak” just means that a person is out of the ordinary. And when is that a bad thing?

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