• Them Freak

    an explosivly hybrid + short-form poetic inquiry into freakdom, yours and ours.
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monster’s oxygen

Mom, When I try to breathe deeply for more than a moment I can’t. Where has all the good food(s) gone? And smells? My concern is you & all of you so, set me off, you said. *Inhalations result in decreasing chest movement rather than chest expansion* If my mouth made noises, then you’d know … Continue reading


I knew you too when you weren’t me & your streets still love me, I heard. I see them in postcards and the mirror I’ve been here for an eon or whatever, you said

in a visual culture

when you were it and the sea, i moved to the zoo with blue stains and an Island #1 Tracing galaxies on your forearm, I only wore _______________ rolled up like I imagined yours. Lets be brutal together. Put fingers in my mouth and face paint on. She is my beautiful son

with 4 nipples

i am happy and contorted___this frustration is a call to presence and you___like this:


On sunday:

Ze hates organized sport and so masturbated angrily in the bathtup.


Lets have some sex, she said, looking into the creek

Mx. Marjurm Kapris

sphere of influence, moths–you’ve got eyelids for days, he said, lifting a wrench from the drawer. Lets be two headlights together and spilt.

of leaves, she said & the city

i am your bench and your breathing_where are the fountains_the shoes_i miss you and your wrappers, your nakedness_the sky between glass and glass and metal_why are you so hard_so far_so gray_i want to be your bohemoth_the turning is always away

wipe it out of your mouth

silver spoon or red devil, a spinner of some kind__he said, I can get so lost in your ink__Grandpa, I called you today and hung up